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You don’t have to go back to your car dealer to keep your manufacturer’s warranty intact. Your car belongs to you and it is your decision who services it!

At Car Health we look after all your log book servicing needs and aim to provide our clients their logbook stamps at the best price. We make sure to use the best lubricants and oils as well as authentic parts to meet (or exceed) the specifications outlined by your manufacturer.

After completing your log book service, our resident experts will stamp your vehicle’s log-book as a record of regular maintenance. It is very important to have this clear record of your car’s health and service history if you want to achieve the best sale price in the future.

Log book service is mandatory for a vehicle to check the mileage, replacements of certain components and fluids. It keeps a record of the number of services your vehicle requires. It is like a maintained book for your vehicle to keep your vehicle fit and on the road. Log book services are provided at affordable prices in Car Health without compromising quality.

Features of Log Book Service

  • Battery Check: Battery levels can be checked for charging of cells.
  • Oil Check: Oil levels can be checked and changed whenever required.
  • Replacement of Headlights: Headlights can be replaced whenever necessary.
  • Replacement of Windscreen Wipers: Replacement of worn out wind screen wipers.
  • Seat covers repaired: Torn seat covers can be repaired.
  • Cooling System Checks: Inspection of the cooling system and its flushes are monitored and maintained.