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NSW 2161 Australia

Car Health specialises in electric & hybrid vehicles:

Our Hybrid Vehicle specialist help their vehicle owners to update their software from time to time. Since Hybrid service is the need of the hour, Great service performed by highly trained professional mechanics are cost effective. The specialist recognizes the challenges in hybrid vehicles and comprehend the key concept of the vehicle transmission architectures. The diagnosis is precise with using the right tools and the assessment given is accurate technical information.

Our Services include:

• Battery installation
• Selling new batteries
• Hybrid battery Reconditioning or Rebuilding
• Electric & Hybrid vehicle maintenance & repair
• Hybrid diagnostics

Special Deals we currently offer:

Rebuild/reconditioning hybrid battery package by skilled electrician & mechanic having 10 years experience. Package includes:
1. removing Hybrid battery from the car and putting it in the back
2. full battery health check
3. replace all faulty cells and weak cells
4. battery service: cleaning, cells balance, joints protection, recharge
5. Warranty for 6 months (if any problems occur with the hybrid battery during the 6 months, we fix it for free). Extended warranty is available ($200 for another 6 months).

Package price per vehicle:

• $2,100: Rebuild/reconditioning hybrid battery for Lexus GS450h plus labor
• $1,300: Rebuild/reconditioning hybrid battery for Toyota Camry (40 series & 50 series) plus labor
• $800: Rebuild/reconditioning hybrid battery for Toyota Prius (1st/2nd/3rd generation)
We are also module cell 7.2v NuMH batteries at $40 each:
• Battery suits Toyota Prius (2nd/3rd generations), Camry (40 series and 50 series) and Lexus.
• All batteries guaranteed working
• Battery modules have been load tested
• Voltage is more than 8 volts
• We have more than 300 batteries
• 5 years experience in reconditioning hybrid batteries for hybrid vehicles.