2/12 Rawson Road Guildford,
NSW 2161 Australia

Car Health specialises in electric & hybrid vehicles. Our services include:

• Battery installation
• Selling new batteries
• Rebuilding batteries
• Electric & Hybrid vehicle maintenance & repair
• Hybrid diagnostics

Special Deals we currently offer:

Rebuild/reconditioning hybrid battery package by skilled electrician & mechanic having 10 years experience. Package includes:
1. removing Hybrid battery from the car and putting it in the back
2. full battery health check
3. replace all faulty cells and weak cells
4. battery service: cleaning, cells balance, joints protection, recharge
5. Warranty for 6 months (if any problems occur with the hybrid battery during the 6 months, we fix it for free). Extended warranty is available ($200 for another 6 months).

Package price per vehicle:

• $2,100: Rebuild/reconditioning hybrid battery for Lexus GS450h plus labor
• $1,300: Rebuild/reconditioning hybrid battery for Toyota Camry (40 series & 50 series) plus labor
• $800: Rebuild/reconditioning hybrid battery for Toyota Prius (1st/2nd/3rd generation)
We are also module cell 7.2v NuMH batteries at $40 each:
• Battery suits Toyota Prius (2nd/3rd generations), Camry (40 series and 50 series) and Lexus.
• All batteries guaranteed working
• Battery modules have been load tested
• Voltage is more than 8 volts
• We have more than 300 batteries
• 5 years experience in reconditioning hybrid batteries for hybrid vehicles.